EdmontonAlberta, Canada

TiPs Technology

TiPs is both a highly developed and highly functional form of pyrolysis called “Thermal Static Pyrophinic Methodology” (TiPs).  The technology – which is protected by both patents and trade secret – has the proven ability to convert scrap tires and other petroleum based waste products as well as primary resource materials – comprised largely of organic, carbon-based matter – into value-added product streams

Fulcrum’s patented ‘TiPs’ technology is a breakthrough method for converting carbon-based feedstocks into value added streams.  TiPs is able to process both primary and recycled feedstocks, include; tires, coal, oil sands, shale rock as well as plastics and bio-waste.  TiPs has shown consistent results in both commercial and batch quantity tests accrsos these feedstocks consistently demonstrating:

  • Low energy consumption
  • Minimal greenhouse gas and pollutant emission
  • Rapid processing time
  • Output of unique chemistry, high aromaticsolvent oils that have a variety of high value uses
  • Carbonization of feedstocks in dry ‘carbon black