TiPs Introduction

Fulcrum Energy Corporation (Fulcrum) has a unique “green” technology pivotal in recycling waste and processing resources by converting hydrocarbon-rich feedstock into valuable refined products. The technology, called TiPs (Thermal-static internal Pyrophinic system), is a breakthrough methodology over existing processes by combining several hydrocarbon extraction principles such as thermal distillation, electrolysis, catalytic refining and mechanical motion.  TiPs is capable of processing a variety of materials including waste tires, oilfield & spill response waste, municipal waste, coal, oil sand, oil shale rock, medical waste and biomass.  The process does not use solvents, catalysts or require excessive heating and can be operated with almost zero environmental impact.

TiPs captures +99% of the hydrocarbons in feedstock material, creating three product streams:

1. A unique multi component aromatic oil that contains high percentages of limonene, toluene and xylene
2. High grade carbon black or solids
3. Off gas that can be captured and reused to maintain the process heat